Home TECH These were the most prominent predictions of programming trends for 2020 .. were they fulfilled?

These were the most prominent predictions of programming trends for 2020 .. were they fulfilled?

These were the most prominent predictions of programming trends for 2020 .. were they fulfilled?

Developments and changes in the accelerated and periodic programming techniques are the most important characteristic of programming work now, especially in the last decade, and one of the requirements of work in this field is to adapt to these changes and take advantage of techniques that may appear to improve the programmer’s tools and develop his work, so if you are interested in the programming field You are in the right place to learn about programming techniques and languages ​​that expectations indicated that they were among the most important programming trends in 2020, so are these expectations correct?

Rust is a safe and reliable programming language for Facebook

Rust programming directions

It is a safe programming language characterized by high performance, as it is among the fastest languages, similar in grammatical form to C ++, designed to deal better with memory while maintaining high performance, and has achieved great growth and development during the past four years, and according to Stack Overflow statistics it was found that the language A positive impression on programmers and it won the first place in the survey about the most liked languages ​​in 2019, used in several areas, including creating web applications, distributed systems and embedded systems, and can also be used in building operating systems and command prompt.

RUST got features and improvements recently, as tools for code editors have appeared that support the language and help in developing various applications. Language translators have undergone some improvements to become faster and the language is able to perform asynchronous and safer operations.

The language did not stop at this point, but it was expected to reach a different situation with the year 2020, as it would be the most prominent title among programming languages, especially with its use by Facebook in building the LIBRA project.

GraphQL will continue to grow

With the development of web and mobile applications, the increasing similarity between them technically and the emergence of platforms for the integration of the development process for each of them and the technical trend to make web applications more smooth and adaptive by relying on frameworks such as Angular.js in programming user interfaces, the communication process between the browser “application interface” and the server has become dependent Basic on the API Application .programming interface

With GQL Graph query language that allows characterization and data integration within APIs, the client can obtain the data that he requested only by sending the query and obtaining the required data. Applications that use this language are distinguished by strength and stability because they allow control of the required data from the server “server” and not the server. In any relationship, the programming of the conversational process becomes more dynamic for the developer.

The difference between GQL and REST

By using GQL, all resources can be obtained in one request, with an HTTP request in which you specify the data you need from the server, while REST API may require downloading data from multiple sites and the data is not specified by the client, where the server is the one who determines what should be Send it and not the customer.

The development tools that are currently appearing allow flexibility throughout the programming process, as when programming queries there is no need to leave the editor, and focus on errors before sending the query.

It will shape the future of APIs, and based on the above, it will be an alternative to REST, but not immediately because there are still many applications using REST, we have seen more direction towards achieving this item of programming trends in 2020.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA

PWA Programming Trends

It is a new approach to building applications by combining the best features of the web and the best features of mobile applications together.

These technologies allow the development of web applications that can provide some types of services in the event of an internet connection interruption, as is the case with mobile applications, and it will be adaptive and suitable for both mobile devices and office devices of various sizes.

Thus, the experience of using a website will be like using a mobile application without the need to download any application, all of this will be through the browser, with the ability to save the site easily in the form of an application in the mobile application list, and this is done by adding the site to the main screen only.

We could see a huge shift as companies might turn to rebuild their applications to create advanced web applications, but that could take time. Despite the push by major companies from Google and Microsoft to adopt this type of application, have they witnessed growth to make them part of the programming trends landscape in 2020?

Web Assembly will be enabled

It will allow the ability to translate high-level programming languages ​​such as c ++, c, rust to be used in developing web applications, whether on the front-end user side or the back-end server side, this technology will allow javascript to be linked with high-level programming languages, for example it will be Rust can be used to manipulate the image within an application built with React js.

The decisive factor in using this technology remains the performance, which must meet the requirements of the software market with practical applications and with the best performance.

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More JavaScript

Programming directions

The use of this language is expanding constantly, and its popularity comes through its ease of learning and also its potential to make web pages interactive, as it was found in most Internet sites and expanded to include the development of server applications and is no longer limited to programming user interfaces, especially from the emergence of many tools and programming frameworks.



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