Home TECH The most famous technology companies for the year 2020 .. companies that reaped many achievements and successes this year

The most famous technology companies for the year 2020 .. companies that reaped many achievements and successes this year

The most famous technology companies for the year 2020 .. companies that reaped many achievements and successes this year

The most famous technology companies in 2020 vary between the American, Chinese, Korean and European, so the United States of America is no longer the greatest control over these companies after many East Asian countries entered the field strongly and witnessed increasing growth year after year.

Technology is now considered one of the most powerful sectors that make up the global economy and drive changes and determine the directions in which countries are moving, and this list includes the most powerful technology companies that have achieved fairy profits in 2020, whether in the field of software, hardware, or media, and even e-commerce and telecommunications. At most, to achieve great leaps despite the Covid-19 virus crisis that struck the world in 2020.

  • Zoom company

If we are going to talk about the most famous technology companies in 2020 and the most achieving strong leaps this year, then Zoom will definitely be at the fore, as its revenues increased by more than 350% during the second quarter of 2020 coinciding with the spread of the Corona virus and the cases of closures and social divergence around the world, as it adopted thousands Companies around the world are on the messaging and video app to hold periodic conferences to communicate with employees at home during the outbreak.

Video communication service providers announced net profits of $ 185.7 million until the end of July, an increase of nearly 3300% over last year, and stocks also recorded record levels, rising by 28%, and Zoom raised its forecast for next year’s revenue to between $ 2.37 – $ 2.39 billion after it was It expects revenue between $ 1.77-1.8 billion.

By the end of July, Zoom had more than 370,000 corporate customers with 10 employees or more, an increase of nearly 460% over the previous year.

  • Alphabet Inc.

The most famous tech company 2020 Alphabet

The parent company of the search giant Google has returned to achieve strong financial growth after witnessing a significant decline during the second quarter of 2020 between April and June due to the decline of advertisers after the economic slowdown due to Covid-19.

However, from July, Alphabet was able to increase the revenue ratio by 14% over the previous year, and its profits rose by 59% to achieve a total profit of $ 11.2 billion, at $ 16.40 for the month, and this increase was due to increased advertising spending, which made Google one of the most profitable mechanisms Money is efficient in the world, so that it has become a financial power that threatens governments themselves, and this is what made the US Department of Justice file a lawsuit accusing the company of misusing its control of research to boost its profits and stifle competition.

Google raised the competition with its Meet, video conference service that competes with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with the removal of call duration restrictions.

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  • Amazon Amazon

The most famous tech companies 2020, Amazon

Amazon International continued to benefit from changing shopping trends due to the global pandemic, as it achieved record profits and revenues during the third quarter of 2020, announcing profits estimated at $ 6.3 billion, an increase of 3 times what it was last year.

Earnings per share reached $ 12.37, an increase of more than $ 5 than Wall Street analysts expected, and revenues increased by 37% from last year to reach $ 96.1 billion, and the online shopping giant also expects significant increases with the holiday shopping season, so the company confirmed that it expects Sales increased between 28-38% over last year.

The last three months of the year are usually the most profitable for Amazon due to the holidays, but this year Amazon launched Prime Day after it was postponed from July due to the pandemic, becoming one of the company’s busiest shopping events of the year, prompting many of Amazon’s retail competitors to launch their own shopping events. 

  • Apple

Apple was able to achieve an unexpected increase as a result of selling its services in music and broadcasting, in addition to wireless earphones and an Internet-connected watch, with its profits from iPhone sales falling by 21%, it succeeded in controlling the situation to a large extent.

Usually, Apple made big profits in late September with the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, but production problems caused by the closure of factories due to the Corona epidemic led to the delay of the release until October – as it announced in its conference – which made the third quarter of the year record some losses that were made. It later compensated for the demand for iPhone 12 to more than double what the previous version was.

  • Facebook 

Despite the emergence of many competing social media sites, Facebook is still on the throne of these means strongly and through the continuous development of its features and meeting the demands of users around the world by providing communication methods in many live languages around the world.

Facebook confirmed the growth of its profits in the third quarter of 2020 to earn $ 7.85 billion, and the share value reached $ 271, representing an increase of 29% over the previous year, and total revenues increased to reach $ 21.22 billion, an increase of 22% over the previous year.

The average monthly user base of the social media giant is about 2.74 billion people around the world, up 12% from the previous year, and despite this, the company faces expectations of declining profits and revenues in 2021.

  • Twitter 

Twitter is one of the strongest competitors to Facebook, despite its classification for a long time as an elite, but the growing user base confirms beyond a reasonable doubt that its popularity is increasing day by day, and Twitter reaped very strong profit results in the third quarter of 2020 thanks to the high demand of advertisers except The share price has decreased somewhat.

While the number of daily users reached 187 million people, an increase of 29%, profits decreased by 22% due to the increase in partial expenditures related to Covid-19, while revenues achieved an increase in growth by 14% compared to last year, to reach 936.2 million dollars.

The main criticism directed at Twitter is its extreme commitment to removing content that violates its policy, including posts that are considered misleading information, which has earned it a lot of hostility to freedom of expression advocates.

  • Microsoft is one of the most famous technology companies in 2020

Microsoft develops, licenses and supports a very large group of software products, services, and devices, and was able to achieve a profit increase of 57.4% over last year thanks to increased reliance on programs that make it easier to monitor work from home and communicate with employees such as Teams.

The company is the leader in operating system products, server applications, and software development tools, in addition to video games, which made a big leap last year due to the closure of outings and picnics, the increase in sitting time at home, and the dependence on video games.

Microsoft also occupies an advanced position in the manufacture of personal computers, tablets, game consoles, entertainment, phones, other smart devices and related accessories, and Microsoft provides many solutions based on the electronic cloud, which is the fastest growing area for it through the Azure cloud computing system.

The company managed to achieve a net profit of $ 44.3 billion, with revenues of $ 143 billion.


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