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It is the new year of PlayStation 5 and Xbox X .. here is our list of the best video games of 2020

It is the new year of PlayStation 5 and Xbox X .. here is our list of the best video games of 2020

This year differs slightly from previous years in terms of video games, that is, yes, it is not one of the best years, but it is the most distinguished, due to the launch of the highly anticipated next-generation game consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X. These new platforms have proven their worth and strongly, the performance of the PS5 is impressive. Indeed, it makes it able to compete with the most powerful gaming computers, on the other hand, the Xbox Series X is no less than its competitor in terms of performance and power, but it still lacks some exclusives that might make it at the top, in fact Microsoft has found other ways to compete with Sony, which is what Makes you confused which device to choose, in a previous article we made a comparison between the two devices to help you know which one meets your need. As for in this article, we have compiled a list of the best video games of 2020.

The year 2020 was full of interesting titles that satisfy everyone, different categories of games, but the fun is the same, starting with a lot of RPGs and shooting games from the first person perspective, to some games based on creative stories, to distinct games in their own right that carry completely new innovative ideas No other game preceded her.

List of best video games of 2020:

With the end of this exceptional year, it was necessary to compile a list of the best games that have won the admiration of many on the various gaming platforms. The list includes titles that were released at the beginning of the year, recent titles that were only a few months old, and others that are exclusive to some platforms such as Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima for the Playstation and Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch game.

Here’s our final list of this year’s best video games:

The Last of Us Part II

This part is a continuation of the first part, in which we witnessed the adventure of the two characters “Joel Wiley”, in other words it can be said that The Last of Us Part II is a continuation of the interesting adventure that made us cling to its characters from the beginning. This time the adventure will be differently but with the same excitement, you may be manipulated by circumstances and events of the game and put you in situations that require making the right decision.

The events of the game take place at the end of the events of the first part after 5 years, that is, after the spread of the epidemic, where “Eli and Joel” must complete their adventure in a deserted world almost devoid of humans, some of them died and some of them turned into one of those strange creatures, while some of them managed to hide In small villages and the establishment of their own system in order to live in peace in this terrifying time, the village of Jackson is one of those villages in which Eli established friendships with its people, while Joel decided to join its team of consultants, where protecting the village is one of their top priorities.

The storytelling in the game is definitely among the best, The Last of Us Part II gives you a distinctive and unique experience, where you will live more than one story for more than one character, to meet in the end all these events at one point.

The game will leave a strange impression on you with mixed feelings that make you always think about it, a game with a new and exciting experience that we have never seen in another game, The Last of Us Part II definitely deserves to enter our list of the best video games of 2020.

Release date: June 19

Platform: PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake

When Final Fantasy was released for the first time on the first PlayStation, it achieved great success and changed the concept of gaming, since that time the world of video games has changed completely.

This version is a remake of a remake of the game to suit the characteristics of the PlayStation 4 with better graphics and higher performance, of course while preserving the game’s events and adding some small parts.

Our story revolves around the former soldier “Cloud Strive” who became a mercenary who works for those who pay him money, after he left the “Shinra” company he used to work for, whose job is to produce electrical energy by “Mako” – which is the main source of energy on the planet – After that, an anti-company organization called “Avalanche” uses the services of the cloud in order to destroy one of the Mako reactors in the city of “Medgar” (there are 8 reactors in this city). This organization believes that the “Shinra” company contributes to the devastation of the planet and depletes its resources. Mako is produced from the planet’s life energy.

The fun and excitement that I felt when trying the game for the first time on the Playstation 3 is the same in this remake, all the events and clips in this version are also identical to the original version, but better, as the publishing studio expanded some of the events and included many additional scenes and details within them. It is sure that you will like one of the characters of the game, not just the hero, Cloud. The game includes some fun and entertainment, such as Claude quarrels with Barrett, which add a different atmosphere to the game more and more and makes you relate to its characters.

Release date: April 10

Platform: PS4

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on our list of the best video games of 2020, and is the fifth part of the series that is one of the most strange game franchises due to the new concept it came with and the opposite of the stereotypes that we are used to.

The game concept is simple, you will not need to defeat the bad guys, nor to save a princess, nor for something like that, all you have to do is live a quiet virtual life as you do in your own life, where you have to work on developing the deserted island in which you are to become better, and complete All the tasks required of you to keep the inhabitants of your island happy.


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