Home TECH Here are the 6 most important programming languages to learn in 2021 | how long does it take to learn a programming language

Here are the 6 most important programming languages to learn in 2021 | how long does it take to learn a programming language

Here are the 6 most important programming languages to learn in 2021 | how long does it take to learn a programming language
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  • How long does it take to learn a programming language ?

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Whether you are a programmer with a constant thirst to learn new programming languages, or you notice the increasing demand for those who speak machine language and want to enter this field, this article will help you to know which programming languages are gaining great popularity and can guarantee you better career growth and give them priority in learning. It is best to learn a language that is worth the effort, since acquiring a new programming language takes time, patience and effort.

What are the 6 most important programming languages for the year 2021? | how long does it take to learn a programming language

  • Python

Python is still one of the best programming languages that every programmer should learn now because it is easy to learn and offers clean code. Python is widely used in many fields, such as website programming, desktop application programming, automated response system programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and game programming.

The Python programming language has enormous community support and provides many open source libraries, frameworks, and modules that make application development easy. It is important that you learn this language in 2021 because it can help you get a job or start a freelance project quickly, thus speeding up your career growth.

How long does it take to learn a programming language? The most important training courses to learn the Python programming language online:

In the arabic language:

Edraak: an introduction to programming using the Python language, provided by Edraak for beginners. In this course, you will learn the importance of programming, how to write a program in the Python language, the program’s structure, the rules and controls required for programming in the Python language, the characters with special meanings, the most important language commands and conditional statements in Python with many of its applications. The time required for this course is two hours.

In English:

A free training course provided by Microsoft and available on YouTube: it includes three playlists. Each one aims to teach a different level of students, beginner, intermediate, and more advanced.

  • Kotlin

If you are seriously considering developing Android apps, Kotlin is the programming language to learn in 2021. It is an easy-to-learn and open source language. It is also quick and practical to develop Android apps as it removes any barriers related to adoption. It can also be used for web, desktop and server-side development.

It is designed to be interoperable with Java. This has become one of the most important programming languages after it was adopted as the main language for programming robots by Google in 2017 and announced by Android as its first language. It is unique from all other programming languages in that it offers features that are requested by developers. It easily combines functional and object-oriented programming features, making the interoperability between Java and Kotlin quick and fun. It is worth noting that major platforms like Coursera and Pinterest have moved to Kotlin due to the strong support for the tools.

The most important training courses to learn the programming language Kotlin online:

Udemy: This course covers the first and second levels and you do not need any prior knowledge of this language to be able to follow the course. This course is very detailed, but does not have non-essential ramifications and details. The time to devote to it is a little over 12 hours.

In English:

Developer: In this link, you will find a set of courses aimed at different levels of students, from beginner to advanced.

  • Java

One of the most popular programming languages used for server-side application development. This language does not require a specific hardware infrastructure, and can be easily managed. It has a good level of security, but learning it requires knowledge and familiarity with the main programming concepts, and not like Python and JavaScript, which are easy-to-learn languages and do not require previous skills and knowledge, but they are easier compared to languages like C and C ++.

Java is a viable option for developing Android applications as it can create functional programs and platforms. Used to write educational programs using computer simulation software for scientific experiments and virtual classroom software for e-learning. Despite the passage of 24 years since the existence of the Java language, its popularity will continue for a longer period and will not be dispensed with in the near future.

The most important training courses to learn the Java programming language online:

In the arabic language:

Rewaq: The course provides an introduction to the software in general and contains simple comparisons between the different types of programming languages. It also contains a simple explanation of the basic concepts of object-oriented programming and how to apply these concepts in Java. Then the basics of building an application using Java are presented in terms of defining variables, functions and conditional statements. Then provide ready-made libraries for building user interface and dealing with networks and databases.

Udemy: This course is specially designed for students who want to properly understand programming, as it explains the principles of Java in a distinctive way that differs from the rest of the explanations, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that the course, before explaining the topic, explains the problem it addresses.

In English:

coursera: On this link, you will find a variety of training courses for different levels interested in learning Java, from beginner to professional.

  • JavaScript

It is a high-level programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages to create more interactive pages. Provides dynamic site interaction. It is also used to provide web applications including games, interactive maps, 2D animation, 3D graphics, and multimedia management. Moreover, almost all browsers support it without the need for external add-ons. It is currently being developed by Mozilla. It is a popular language among the developers who need to work on programming on both the server and client sides.

Javascript is a huge success in the IT field due to its high speed and regular annual updates. Popular companies like Netflix, Uber, PayPal and many other startups are using it to create dynamic, secure and fast web pages.

The most important training courses to learn the programming language JavaScript online:

In English:

Coursera: This course introduces you to the basics of the JavaScript language. It covers concepts like variables, loop, and functions, even a little debugging tools. It explains how to use the Document Object Model (DOM) with JavaScript to define and modify specific parts of your page. Allocated time is 9 hours, spread over 4 weeks.

  • GO

Android Go is a fairly new, system-wide programming language that contains focused vocabulary and simple domain rules. It is very dynamic as it is in Ruby and Python. It blends the best aspects of functional programming with object-oriented methods. Go aims to replace languages like Java and C ++. The credit for introducing the Go language is due to the engineers working at Google. Go is one of the languages most preferred by programmers today, as it solves problems such as slow translation and execution in large distributed systems. If you plan to work in a serverless ecosystem then Go is the language for you.

The most important training courses to learn the Go online programming language:

In English:

coursera: a series of three courses from beginner to advanced, upon completion the trainee will acquire the knowledge and skill to create concise, effective and clean applications using GO. The time required to complete these three courses is 27 hours.

  • Swift

Swift is an elaborate and intelligent programming language created by Apple to design applications compatible with various operating systems such as iOS, Mac (Apple TV and Apple Watch). Swift provides programmers with a simple, cohesive architecture. It is designed to give them more freedom than ever before because it is an easy-to-use, open-source language that gives creative people the power to realize them. In addition, programmers with little or no experience can use Swift Playgrounds. Due to its versatility and practical applications, Swift has replaced (Objective-C) as the main language for Apple-related applications.

Here are the 6 most important programming languages to learn in 2021 | how long does it take to learn a programming language


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