Home TECH Best Google Play Apps 2020: A list of the best official Android apps from Google

Best Google Play Apps 2020: A list of the best official Android apps from Google

Best Google Play Apps 2020: A list of the best official Android apps from Google

2020 was an eventful and exceptional year for everyone as we all spent it in our homes facing the COVID-19 virus, yes, it was one of the worst years ever; But this did not prevent Google from practicing its annual ritual in choosing the list of the best Google Play 2020 apps from various ratings. What were the company nominations? What is the absolute best app for Google and for the public? We pass on full details:

Best essential apps for everyday use in 2020:

1- Calmaria app :

Application screenshots taken by Arajic team

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, you should try this application that was placed on the top of the list of the best basic 2020 Google Play apps! With a minimalist design inspired by the 1980s, Calmaria will help you calm down and relax, with just some inhalation and exhalation sequentially as the circle on the screen gets bigger and smaller.

Google description of the application:

For a daily relaxation experience, less is more. “Calmaria” is very simple, and this is what we love about it: You will be guided through four cycles of breathing, with bright sun (experiment with the 80’s pose to see it in retro style) expanding and contracting with inhale and exhale.

2- Grid Diary – Journal, Planner app:

An app for those who like to jot down and plan their personal lives, whether you are a writer who needs to organize your thoughts, jot in your diary or even want to organize your goals, in fact, you can even summarize everything that you have benefited from each year. The application supports full customization of your blog posts such as putting a picture for each blog and organizing it exactly as you want the program interface may seem bifurcated at first but after your first experience you will find everything organized and simple.

Google description of the application:

If you like to write your own diary and don’t know where to start, here is “Grid Diary”. All your data in a beautiful, flexible tabular format to recording and reflecting on life events – from observing your habits and goals to sharing affirmations and gratitude.

3- The Pattern app:

Application screenshots taken by Arajic team

If you do not believe astronomy and horoscopes, you can skip this program, which is considered the largest in this field, when you enter your birth information, the program will give you detailed facts about your personality and the stations that you will encounter in your life. Social where you can invite your friends to try it and add them to your account, and the program determines the details of the relationship between you. You can also meet new people with your same astrological qualities!

Google description of the application:

An astrology app that isn’t talking about astrology, “The Pattern” is really about patterns – from the way you work to the way you like it. Find out what the stars have to say about your tendencies, the cycles that affect everyone and your alignment with others (including celebrities).

4- Whisk app:

Application screenshots taken by Arajic team

For those who love cooking or those who discovered their love for cooking during the health ban, or even those who want to experiment, the “Whisk” program will be your new best friend, as it contains a social platform to exchange different recipes between users and with a click of a button you can add all the required ingredients in your list to buy them later.

Google description of the application:

Do you cook a lot these days? Make meal planning more effective with Whisk. Simply add the recipe URL to see its ingredients (without the need for endless searching in long-form blogs), and view instructions or feed. Then turn these recipes into a shopping list or order groceries online.

5- Zoom app:

Some of the official screenshots of the app

Despite the spread of news about the “Zoom” leaking of user data, this did not prevent the application from being one of the best basic Google Play 2020 applications in the category of communication, as it was one of the most popular programs that spread in a jiffy among users – thanks to Corona! – But In my personal opinion, I do not find that “Zoom” is the best and I think that the evaluation of 3.6 on Google Play agrees with me in this, but like it or not, it is the most popular program in video calls currently.

Google description of the application:

This year, “Zoom” was the place to be. Synonymous with virtual gatherings, it has given people the connection when they need it most – enabling business meetings, family reunions, classes, and more. New Android features, such as virtual backgrounds and self-defined hack rooms, also helped create the moment.

Best self-development apps in 2020:

Centr app:

It is important to take care of our physical and mental health, and I can guess that most of us have not returned to their previous activities due to the long period we spent in the home ban, and this is why it was very important to exercise at home. Created by the famous American actor “Chris Hemsworth” team, it should be noted that the application is not free, but will give you a free trial for 7 days.

Google description of the application:

Take care of your body and mind with Team Chris Hemsworth. Get fit with high-quality video demonstrations of guided or self-directed workouts. A nutritious meal plan will help you stay energized, while mindful conversations and soothing visualizations keep you in your heart.

Google description of the application:

We’ve taken some of the many hours we spent at home this year implementing new projects with “Jumprope” by our side. Discover user-generated guidelines on cooking, crafts, downloads, fitness and more. Share your special skills with elegant educational templates, then share it on social media.



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