Home TECH Best iPhone apps and games 2020: Check out Apple’s official picks for the best on the store

Best iPhone apps and games 2020: Check out Apple’s official picks for the best on the store

Best iPhone apps and games 2020: Check out Apple’s official picks for the best on the store

We are a few hours away from the start of 2021, which will be the end of a year that was not the best for most of us; But technically it was a very important year because in this year we need more technology than ever before, so the developers have done their best to provide their best to help us overcome the Covid-19 crisis, and for this, Google and Apple By choosing the best applications for this year, the American company Apple has chosen 15 applications to be crowned with the title of the best, and they form a list of the best applications and games for iPhone 2020 that will look great on my iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in particular, so let’s get to know them.

 Best iPhone apps 2020 :

Apple divided the best programs according to each platform, where the best application was chosen for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and so on. The company also summarized all the selected applications in the following text:

Independent Developer of “Wakeout!” Bring gentle exercise to home offices and classrooms with gentle, all-around movements designed for everyone. Vast fantasy worlds in games like “Genshin Impact,” “Legends of Runeterra,” “Disco Elysium,” “Dandara Trials of Fear,” and Apple Arcade’s “Sneaky Sasquatch” offer a wonderful escape, while “Disney +” offers a sense of unlimited possibility. I crave it a lot. Whether it’s to facilitate distance learning through “Zoom,” creating daily routines with “Fantastical,” or lulling us to sleep with “Endel,” our Best App Store app winners of 2020 helped us live our best lives at home. ”

  • IPhone App of the Year: Wakeout!

This year, we all needed to maintain our physical fitness to overcome the lethargy that befell us as a result of the ban period we spent at home, which is why the application “Wakeout!” Being named the best app of the year for the important role it plays in motivating us to do simple exercise.

  • IPad App of the Year: Zoom

The famous Zoom application not only ranked among the best Android applications, but also took the title of the best application ever for iPad devices. This would not have happened without the Covid-19 crisis, which brought the application a radical shift that made it one of the most used programs at all!

  • The application of the year for Mac: Fantastical

The application “Fantastical” was chosen to be the best for Mac devices, and it is not the first award the application receives, as it won multiple other awards. The application is a calendar that includes many features such as accurate linguistic analysis and a complete calendar window.

  • Apple TV app of the year: Disney +

The Zoom application was not the only one that received the title of the best on the Android and Apple platforms, the “Disney +” application was able to achieve this dual title as well, and this is a result of the great popularity it has obtained since its release.

  • Apple Watch app of the year: Endel

The “Endel” application plays audio clips that help perform various activities such as relaxation, focus, or even when walking outside the home. The application works on all Apple devices, but it is crowned with the best on their smart watches.

 Best games of 2020 :

Apple’s comment:

Among the many games we’ve played this year, these are our picks which have had the most impact. They surprise us with their innovations, delight us with their beauty, and give us a fun way to stay in touch.

  • IPhone Game of the Year: Genshin Impact

The game “Genshin Impact” is the largest in the field of open-world games for smartphones, and it comes with high-resolution graphics that make it enough to see the remarkable development that is happening in the field of gaming on smart phones!

  • IPad Game of the Year: Legends of Runeterra

Apple chose the strategic card version of the famous “League of legends” game, which was developed by the well-known company, Riot Games, to be the best game of the year on iPads.

  • Game of the Year for Mac: Disco Elysium

If you are a fan of the style of RPG games, then perhaps you should try this game chosen by Apple to be the winner of the best award for Mac devices, and this is not only Apple’s opinion, as the game has received high ratings on the Steam platform as it has received multiple awards and many positive reviews.

  • Game of the Year for Apple TVs: Dandara Trials of Fear Edition

If you are from the rare category that enjoys playing on TVs for some reason, or maybe you like to waste time in more creative ways, then Apple has chosen this game to be the best on this platform.

  •  Apple’s pick for the best arcade game: Sneaky Sasquatch

Apple’s comment:

While trying out a bunch of truly fun games, this one holds up to be on top of this year’s Apple Arcade game. The simple visuals, great music and great gameplay make it a must-have experience.

The company summarized all of the selected applications in the following text:

The apps are a reflection of the culture, and in 2020 the developers have overwhelmingly led a trend towards help. To help users get the daily self-care they need, and to emphasize the well-being of black people, the Shine app has launched a section specifically dedicated to the intersection between mental health and the lives of black people.

For teachers and students who need to reinvent the classroom experience, the “Explain Everything Whiteboard” app introduced a cloud-based menu collaboration tool so student groups can continue working on projects together even remotely.

For families seeking to connect with loved ones, Caribu has added dozens of interactive games and over a thousand new books to its platform for real-time video communication. Pokémon GO also reinvented its popular outdoor gameplay by adding in-home experiences.

The United Nations World Food Program’s “ShareTheMeal” app has made it easy for users to make a difference in the lives of others, with more than 87 million meals shared so far. Around the world, app developers have channeled their creative energy to help users stay healthy, educated, connected and entertained.


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