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Best Arab Startups 2020: Promising Technology Solutions and Innovations in the Arab World

Best Arab Startups 2020: Promising Technology Solutions and Innovations in the Arab World

Before discussing the best Arab tech startups 2020, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a dire economic impact on the Arab region, just like other regions in the world, so it was necessary for Arab companies to develop emergency plans to deal with this exceptional circumstance It has an analogue in the post-industrial era of humankind. While some companies have adopted the approach of laying off many of their employees to reduce the burden of severe financial losses and escape from the specter of bankruptcy that still haunts them despite the occurrence of some of them, other companies have adopted flexible policies to keep pace with the pandemic in what has become known among the technical circles of the almost complete digital transformation of companies’ activities and making Employees work remotely instead of going to work offices.

Best Arab tech startups 2020

With a few days remaining for the end of this exceptional year that we will not forget as long as we survive, we in Arajic magazine have gathered the best Arab startups 2020 in the field of technology that were able thanks to their flexible policies and digitization of their services, in the agricultural sector, public transport, trade, games, payment solutions and others, in Success in obtaining large funds from investors despite the critical economic situation that this year witnessed.

In the article, dear reader, we took into account the diversity – as much as possible – to learn about the successes and services provided by these companies from different countries in the Arab world.

Pure Harvest Smart Forms

Best Arab Tech Startups 2020 – Pure Harvest for Smart Farms

Pure Harvest Smart Farms Company.

Ranking: 1st place

The reason for choosing: The best Arab company promising advanced solutions for agriculture

Nationality: United Arab Emirates

Company headquarters: Abu Dhabi

Founders: Sky Curtis, Mahmoud Uday and Robert Copstas


Pure Harvest is an emerging Emirati technology company in the field of agricultural technology and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The company was established in 2016 by founders Sky Curtis and Robert Copestas and joined by Mahmoud Uday in the same year. Pure Harvest obtained its first investment financing in 2017, and the company ranked first in our list of the best Arab startups 2020 in the field of technology, with a total investment of $ 135.8 million, and at the beginning of this year, Pure Harvest announced that it had an investment commitment from a company. Kuwaiti abundance is worth more than 100 million US dollars.

The company relies on smart farming techniques in the production of fresh vegetables and fruits at an affordable price and strives to make them available all over the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. So far, it has produced 20 types of tomatoes and six types of strawberries. Instead of using fertilizers and pesticides prevalent in other traditional forms of agriculture, the company uses coconut solutions, which greatly reduces the amount of water consumed in growing fruits and vegetables, and makes it a promising Arab company with this specialization in the future.

Swvl General Transport Company

Best Arab Tech Startups 2020 – Swvl

Swvl Company.

Ranking: second place

Reason for selection: The best promising Arab company in public transport systems

Nationality: Egypt

Company headquarters: Cairo – Dubai

Founders: Mustafa Kandil, Ahmed Sabbah and Mahmoud Noah


Swvl is an Egyptian startup specializing in public transport systems, and it ranked second in our list of the best Arab startups 2020 in the field of technology as the company seeks to solve the problem of scarcity of transportation in several Arab countries; Through an application that allows users to book tickets at low prices, whether for travel or movement within cities, by paying in cash or through credit debit cards and online payment methods. The company does not yet own its own vehicles and operates in several regions around the world, which are the Middle East, Kenya and Pakistan.

Swvl was established in 2017 by Mostafa Kandil, Ahmed Sabbah and Mahmoud Noah, and since its launch in Egypt, the company’s application called “Bushailing Swvl” has created more than 600 lines in Cairo and Alexandria. Last year, Swvl secured the largest investment round of nearly $ 42 million.

The company is currently planning to use these funds to expand its activities in the world; In light of the fierce competition with Uber, which acquired Careem in the first quarter of this year, and the delivery of service to areas suffering from poor transportation infrastructure and transportation crises.

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Nana – e-commerce company

Best Arab Tech Startups 2020 – Nanaa Company

Mint company.

Ranking: 3rd place

The reason for choosing: The best promising Arab e-commerce company

Nationality: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Company headquarters: Riyadh

Founders: Sami Al-Hilweh, Abdul Majeed Al-Sakhan, Bakr Al-Sharif and Ahmed Al-Samani


Nana was ranked third in the Best Arab Tech Startups 2020, which is a Saudi company; It provides its Saudi customers to order products and marketing needs from supermarkets or other shopping stores in the Kingdom online, and deliver them to their doors through the delivery services provided by Nana. Through the company’s application, customers can browse all their favorite stores and buy with smartphones without having to go to the stores.

Nana was founded in 2016 by Sami El-Helweh and his three companions, according to the company saying:

It is the number 1 grocery market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nana has commercial partnerships with giant companies specializing in retail trade locally and internationally, such as Panda – Saudi Arabia and Carrefour – France, and it operates in 14 Saudi cities currently. By raising $ 18 million in financial investments this year, Nana aims to expand in the GCC and beyond and increase its partnerships with supply chains and retailers around the world, as it plans to invest most of its funds in new expansions.

PayTabs, an online payment company

2020 Top Tech Startups – PayTabs

PayTabs Inc.


PayTabs is the second Saudi company in our list about the best Arab startups 2020 in the field of technology and it specializes in payments solutions through the B2B payment system between companies and is the best payment system for e-commerce in the region, as it has been able to show itself in more than 21 countries around the world. Receiving a $ 20 million financing round for this year, PayTabs is seeking to expand further in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other African and European countries.

The company was established in 2014 by the founder Abdulaziz Al-Jouf, and major international and private companies invest in it, most notably the Saudi Aramco oil company, and what distinguishes it from other payment companies – not only in the Arab countries, but also the whole world – is the possibility of making payments through the availability of 168 different currencies around The world, buyers from many countries do not face any challenges in purchasing the products they order from online stores that offer PayTabs.


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