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2020 It has been an exciting technical year

2020 It has been an exciting technical year

The year 2020 witnessed events like humanity had never seen before, it was a truly unique year. Of course he was this year’s champion and deservedly; Corona Virus. The unprecedented lockdown measures that have been implemented throughout the world have led to a huge rise in internet usage. And because exceptional events required exceptional actions as well, we sought in Arajic Tech to make the journey of the Arab reader this year, one full of fun, knowledge and science at the same time. As the events of Corona did not constitute an obstacle to technical progress, on the contrary, technology had the lion’s share in development and events among all other areas. Since this year was a busy year for the technical sector, we had to keep abreast of these events. Therefore, we present to you the best technical articles in 2020 that were published in Arajic Tech, in order to enter 2021 with your eye on the latest technical achievements of human beings.

  • Technology releases that exceeded expectations

2020 was a year in which humanity presented its best version of electronic devices ever. And it was for phones the largest share of this year’s releases. In contrast to its competitors, Google introduced the Pixel 5 phone, which belongs to the middle class, instead of issuing a flagship phone as it did before, to cope with the bad economic situation that prevailed over the world in 2020. As for Apple, it did not go out of the ordinary, so its phones were very similar to versions last year. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are similar in specifications, and only differ from each other by the camera.

In return, the computer sector has enjoyed the launch of wonderful and high-performance tools. Asus launched the ROG STRIX RTX 3080 OC, the fastest display card announced so far. Returning to the most controversial company, Apple, it has succeeded in launching a new version of its MacBook computer with a processor of its own making for the first time; To be a quantum leap and a strong step for Apple.

As for the end of the year, it was the least thing to say about the conclusion of all gaming fans with the launch of the latest version of the most famous gaming platform in history. PlayStation 5. The analysis article for the PlayStation 5 platform was one of the best technical articles in 2020 that we published in Arajic Tech for the importance of this platform to many around the world. As usual in previous versions, Sony, the manufacturer of the platform, exceeded all expectations and produced a masterpiece that will take the world of electronic games to a new, unprecedented stage.

But slow down and think carefully before making a purchase!

Best Arajic Tech Articles in 2020

Despite the large number of great versions of phones and computers that we talked about in the list of the best technical articles in 2020 published on Arajic Tech; However, we cannot deny that their prices may be considered prohibitive for a large segment of users. Here, the majority of this segment tends to search for devices with good or excellent specifications, but at a lower price. They often find their way in used versions of previous years. Therefore, we prepared a complete comparison between the average phones from the 2020 version and the flagship phones from the 2018 version. So be your judgment after reading the comparison article and choose the most suitable for you.

The process of buying a used laptop is much more complicated than buying a used phone. This is due to the difficulty in inspecting all the components of the laptop. So that the disaster does not happen and you buy a used device that contains a malfunction; We sought at Aragic Tech to evaluate the easiest way to make sure that the laptop in use is free from any problems when purchasing it. But what is the use of buying a phone or computer of any type or category, if it is not able to connect to the Internet? The fast and stable internet connection has become one of the most important pillars of the modern electronic devices of our time. An Internet connection anywhere needs a suitable router to ensure its speed and stability. Therefore, the collection of the best technical articles in 2020 that we wrote in ArajicTech had to include an article in which we advise users on how to choose the router that best suits their needs before purchasing it.

Believe it or not! 2020 has been a busy year for tech companies

Despite the epidemic that hit the globe in 2020 and completely paralyzed its economy; However, tech companies have been resilient to the coronavirus pandemic. It was an impressive economic year for the technical sector, starting with Microsoft, which has adapted to the epidemic and launched its Microsoft Teams program to facilitate study and work remotely and to outperform all competitors in the market. Via Tesla, the most famous electric car maker, which entered new markets such as China and achieved unprecedented sales. And in the end, many companies made a lot of economic gains, such as Apple and Snapchat.

Since competition has no limits at all, space has become the new arena for competition between companies. The richest man in the world and founder and owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, refused to leave space alone without competition for his rival Elon Musk, founder and owner of the famous company SpaceX. Accordingly, Amazon announced that it had obtained official approval from the US government to launch its Kuiper satellites in low Earth orbit to serve broadband for the Internet around the world. This is a great service that will make the Internet connection available from anywhere in the world quickly and easily via satellite only. This will of course benefit the users; The competition that will arise between companies will push down Internet subscription prices. Each company will also strive to provide better services and offers in order to win users to its side without the competing company.

But since every rule has an exception, the Chinese company Huawei is still suffering from the impact of US economic sanctions on it. Huawei announced the sale of its affiliate brand, known as Honor. If you have not heard of HONOR before; It is a sub-brand of Huawei, and sells phones with competitive specifications and prices as well, in the same style as brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. With this move, Huawei aims to get its brand out of the pressure of US sanctions.

The suffering extends to the long-standing Sony Corporation, which, despite launching the most popular gaming platform, the PlayStation 5. It is suffering in the smartphone sector. Although it launched many competing phones, none of them met with any remarkable success. This is due to many reasons, which you can see through one of the best technical articles in 2020 published in Arajic Tech, the reasons for Sony’s failure in the smartphone industry war.

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Spread of deception and lies through social media

Social media

People who look at the world of social media believe that it is a perfect, flawless world where everyone is happy. Of course, this ideal situation that you find spread across people’s accounts on social media has absolutely no connection to reality, but may be the complete opposite. Despite all this, you see us attached to social media, and even addicted to it, and we cannot spend some time without browsing it. Social media has a strange magic that attracts people to it, this magic has psychological foundations that we uncovered, so we brought out an article for you that talks about the reasons that lead us to use it and interact with it constantly. Thus an article can only be included in the list of the best Arajic Tech 2020 articles because it may simply be your salvation from social media addiction.

They were not the only personal accounts that published things that were irrelevant to reality. Rather, the situation extended to include countries and politicians. These websites have transformed from a mere communication platform to a battlefield led by states and their soldiers represented by millions of fake accounts spreading rumors and spreading false news. And if we want to cite one example of accounts that spread a great deal of fake news; It must be mentioned Donald Trump. Yes, the former president of the United States of America is a unique phenomenon of social media; Which was certainly the reason for his accession to the presidency in the past.

In a related context with false news and modern means of communication, do you suffer from the daily pictures and videos that come to you on the WhatsApp program wishing you to spend a morning or evening or any period of the day happily and safely? These messages are repeated in the same pattern on a daily basis and continuously and in large numbers, which sometimes forces you to delete the people who send them. Have you ever asked yourself what these group of people think and what are their purpose of these messages? Then perhaps you should read our carefully selected article on the list of the best technical articles of 2020 published. I want you to take this article on the phenomenon of “Good morning pictures and coffee cups”.

Exciting technologies that you will want to understand in order to keep pace with the development

Exciting technologies that you will want to understand in order to keep pace with the development

Imagine the amount of data that is published every hour on the Internet, the amount of information that is exchanged in each moment; It’s a huge thing, isn’t it? This is known as Big Data. This data is used in many areas such as marketing, administration, and support of decision-making processes in line with people’s preferences. As it was stated in the annual report issued by the United Nations in 2017 that the volume of data increased very dramatically during the two years preceding the same year by 90%, and that the data could increase annually by 40%.

But if you see a car driving alone without a passenger, do not worry, you are not dreaming while you are sleeping. It is simply a self-driving car. Since you will most likely be riding in a self-driving car some day in the future, you must know how these vehicles work? How do you see the road ahead of it? How do you take immediate decisions? This kind of information is important and necessary for everyone to know to what extent the computer controlling the car can operate on its own and when the driver must step in to take over.


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