Best startups in Poland and how to find them - Polish Startups

Best startups in Poland and how to find them

When one wants to find some promising American start-ups, one visits Silicon Valley. When it comes to the British, East London's Tech City UK is the place to go. But what about Polish start-ups? There - helps startup-enthusiasts be found by leading Startups in the most effective way

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My first published iOS application for fitness

Hey there! Let me tell you about my startup and myself.

My name is Stan, I’m iOS Developer from Ukraine. I worked about 1.5 year in BriskMobile and more than 1 year in ScopicSoftware. During these years I accumulated a lot of ideas for my own
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Now, search for your dream home on the go! With Android app

The new and improved app on the Android platform has made the search for your dream home in India quite easy while on the go.’s Property search app has been specifically been designed to search for properties while on the