Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks

We sometimes underestimate the power of task management apps. They are an essential tool on mobile devices, but the markets are cluttered with hundreds of them so it’s hard to find a functional, yet beautifully designed app. But not impossible! Our

Do Now App - Time Blocker based on Pomodoro Productivity Method (for Android)

Mobile Apps: Do Now - Time Blocker (for Android)

Need help focusing and getting things done? This is what you’re looking for. A simple yet powerful task timer for your Android devices.

  • Timed tasks with optional alarms and notifications
  • Autocomplete remembers previous tasks as well as

FRANK in the HOLE - Platformer game with controls designed for touch screens

I am an indie developer from Spain. I have just released my first video game for Android.

It is a 2D platformer game where I have put special effort to adapt the controls to touch screens.

They are explained in the trailer where you can also