Peercisely App - Social Recruitment Platform, that uses personal referrals to hire new talent

Peercisely App — Social Recruitment Platform, that uses personal referrals to hire new talent

The Peercisely startup is one of the most powerful hiring tools, which concentrates on the Peer to Peer job referrals and opens undiscovered channel to qualified candidates by those who understand and know them personally.
Your peers find their dream job. Employers find their perfect hires. You earn money for yourself and your charities. With peercisely, everyone wins!
Startups: Peercisely App -  Social Recruitment Platform, that helps to hire new talent by using personal referrals

Peercisely offers a platform to allow employers who are hiring to leverage the power of social networking, peer to peer connections, gamification, and payed referral programs (referrer can earn money for charities they choose and earn cash bonuses).
There is no need to believe to keywords while you have the real people. The Peercisely algorithm and analytics weight referrals so employers can hire only the best suit candidates for their position. The job applicants receive the new job opportunities directly from their friends. In other words, the referrers use their social connections to refer friends and colleagues for amazing job opportunities, which they find on peercisely app and which are published by Employers on peercisely web platform. This process enables to build talent network, which drives higher quality recruitments.
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An employer can be sure that the people will reffer the posted job to the most specialized candidates. Because, Peercisely pays to referrer and also they have KARMA which keeps on going. So, it is not only motivation for friends of friends to refer the right candidate, and also the sign for employers who brings qualified candidates.

What can you do with Peercisely App and Peercisely Platform?
  • Post a job and start hiring with Peercisely Platform
  • Refer a job to a friend, Earn money for yourself and money for charity with Peercisely App
  • Create a professional profile and start accepting referrals
  • Benefit charity through Peercisely Service
Startups: Help your friends find their dream jobs and earn cash

How works the referring process of the Peercisely App?
  • Find the latest jobs
  • Earn points for referring people you know
  • Use any network to refer the perfect candidate
  • Convert points to money for your charities and earn cash bonuses
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Additionally, you do not need a Microsoft Word or PDF based Resume anymore, because you can create your professional profile, having a completed professional profile will make accepting a future job referral a breeze.
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How works the job posting process of the Peercisely Platform?
  • Post a job opening for as little as one peercisely coin ($100 USD) — once posted, peer referrers will tap into their personal and professional networks to connect great candidates to your job.

  • Referrers make recommendations based on the following qualities types: skills, sure—but also intangibles like personality, temperament, flexibility, and dedication (No need to interview the person in order to know about his peronality, because you receive the qualities that don’t appear on a resume and may not come out during recruitment interviews)
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  • Promote your job listings — increase visibility of your post to the reffers
Startups: promote your job post
  • Add collaborators easily — you are able to add hiring manager, other recruiters, or maybe some individual contributors as decision makers for a job post. It is free for the all your HR team.
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  • Incentivize job referrers — throw some cash on a job to spike peer referral activity, to create competition and to extremly increase motivation. Externalizing referral bonuses on peercisely will help fill jobs faster with qualified recruits.
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Get your Peercisely iOs App here or Get Get your Peercisely Platform here

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