This Israeli startup created a new way to connect with people around

This Israeli startup created a new way to connect with people around. It may revolutionize the way we interact in our communities, events and in our everyday life.

While we live in a highly technologically connected world, people in social networks, unfortunately remains in void on a human level. Sure, we interact with videos, pictures, and articles, but unable to actually interact with people around us. People who might be our new friends, future business partners, or the love of our lives.

Social apathy seems to be the 21th century epidemic. It seems that people are more connected than ever using Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp, but still lack of meaningful channel for human interaction.
That fact that bothered the Wisharound founders and practically took them outside the comfort zone and made them create a solution.
Wisharound strives, first and foremost, to connect people with each other in a beneficial way.

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The founders believes that technology alone isn’t enough, they use technology to encourage virtues like friendship and compassion in the experience of the mobile app.

There are many initiatives to create a way for meaningful local interaction. Some use the local advantage for a single purpose, such as dating (e.g. Tinder). A claim can be made that this can work in many other areas.
Other options like Craig's-List are offering a solution for practical communication, but provide very little trust and no location-based features, making the experience too slow.
In general, Wisharound is offering a platform for people to communicate instantly, in a meaningful way, based on identity, interests and location.

Wisharound’s core functionality is based on modern machine learning algorithms.
Being able to notify users only about relevant posts isn’t an easy task. Wisharound’s engine analyzes individual user interactions with different posts, topics and other users, so it notifies only about relevant content, while ignoring the noisy background.

While location based social networks (LBSN’s) best serve niche audiences, Wisharound was created to connect people with any set of common interests, so it’s not about a specific niche, but more about covering as many niches as possible. Now people can post something they need or offer, and it will be automagically delivered to others who have the most fitting set of interests.

How it all started? Two years ago, the founders who are childhood friends decided to partner up and make a dream come true.
Nowadays, the team combines various disciplines and methodologies: from entrepreneurship, through machine-learning, academic research, to marketing and social activism.

The app opens the door to exciting interactions with the people nearby, which would otherwise simply not happen. Wisharound connects people based on common interests and complementary needs, in a seamless, intelligent and practical way.

The core understanding that we are part of something larger — a community or a movement — brings the location-based feature. Most of our wishes can be answered by people nearby, not necessary our friends — but by people drove by acts of random kindness.

Research show that groups are major contributors to one’s self-esteem, rather that friends alone. Therefore the app emphasizes identities based on real-life communities and general interests such as: Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Hobbies, Lifestyle and more.

Most apps are too specific and mostly answer one need — as a result people constantly download tons of apps for every single need. Wisharound wants to be that single app that answer most needs and interests.

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Wisharound founders put it this way:
“Wouldn’t it be cool if you could post a message to everyone around you, and automatically reach only those who are interested? That’s Wisharound.”

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