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Turn your work into a game, but don’t tell your boss

There are millions of productivity apps out there and introducing you another one may seem just stupid. But how about a productivity app that helps you find the motivation in your daily work and also rewards you for it?

That's the itemz — epic task & project management app that boosts your productivity.

itemz is a web tool combining gamification with productivity solutions such as GTD and Kanban. The main purpose of it is to improve the workflow in small and medium teams by motivating individual members to do their job more efficiently using a reward system involving trophies.

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Quoting the creator, Kasia Polus:

itemz finally closes the gap between being productive and having fun at work (or more specifically – between getting the job done and binging on funny cat videos). It makes the routine of getting through the daily “to do’s” bearable, because work starts to seem like a necessity, not only pay to the bills, but also because of the desire to compete. In itemz, the awards and trophies go first and foremost to those who really work the hardest. I should warn you – using this app is a bit addictive: it makes you want to do more and more tasks every day just to find out what trophy is next…

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App itself has the most important time saving and fun bringing functions:

  • Create a task with delegation, start date, deadline, priority, tag, or recurring task using only your keyboard and shortcuts. You don't have to click a million times to make it real.
  • Add descriptions, comments and attachments to your or others' tasks. All in one place.
  • Look at the tasks from the various projects at the same time. No clicking around.
  • itemz has it's built-in trophies which you can collect by finishing tasks, doing it before the deadline, reading the tutorial, inviting people, having many tasks in a specific tag and for the million other reasons. But if you're the manager of your team — you can create additional trophies for sitting at work after 6 PM or winning the company's Call of Duty tournament — it's your call.

And also there is one important thing you should know about itemz. It has that bitter-sweet trophies that will make you smile even on sh… not-really-the-perfect-days.

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Sign-up for the beta version of itemz is publicly open and available at http://itemzapp.com.

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