We created our rules in order, to safe our technology mafia members from low-quality content. It also will help you not getting down.
Like any mafia, we also have our rules. Not following the rules leads to a bad relationship between the mafia and the users. The one who does not follow the rules will be on the wanted list and will be caught and punished by the Mafia. In addition, your opportunities at TechMafia will be limited.

We Are Not:

TechMafia - is not a better place for the copy paste lovers. Publication completely copied someone else's articles and posts from other sites is prohibited - even with a hyperlink to the source.

TechMafia - is not a storage for the cross posting. No need to copy posts or articles from other blogs and websites, indicating that they have been previously published elsewhere.

TechMafia - is not a shop. However, you are able to advertise projects, services, products, accounts, etc., or to place a link to your project or blog in your post/topic only in two cases: if you want to add a link to particular document/file/example that impossible to place it directly in the topic, or if you are publishing your topic/post in the F**K ME I'm FAMOUS clan.

TechMafia - is not or other We all love to have a fun, especially to hear the good jokes. However, it does not mean to turn the TechMafia into the humorous site and regularly publish here funny pictures that were found around the web.

TechMafia - is not Reddit. At the TechMafia should not post links to other resources, without any comments or analysis with a brief summary like, "Here is a nice project/new link». However, if you are going to analyze of some topic/news/project/article, and accompany it with detailed comments, you are able to add a link to other resources.

TechMafia - is not for bots, spammers, and other virtuals. If you are creating several profiles or you think to do this, Mafia will send after you a killer, who will wait you in the dark alley.

TechMafia - is for literate people. TechMafia is for the English speaking people all over the world. We do not like those who distorts English language. However, we are taking into account that for the some of you English language is not the mother tongue. Mistakes happen at everyone - try to check the text before sending it. Constant disregard for spelling and punctuation rules, as well as the deliberate mangling words, slang and lulz are not welcome.

TechMafia - is for the cute people. TechMafia Family do not like rudeness, crudeness, and other manifestations of aggression and the inadequacy, leave all it for the social networks. For a mate and other dirty words our Mafia will send after you a killer, who will wait you in the dark alley.

TechMafia - is not for the lazy people. You can earn Rating and Karma only by honest way, by writing your topics/posts and comments. Do not ask people to give invitations or to increase karma.

TechMafia - is not for politics. The Mafia does not welcome discussions on political issues.

TechMafia - is not for the anti-Semites, racists and etc. The Mafia hates the people, who does not have respect to the different nations, countries, cultures, races, nationalities, ethnics, and religious. We respect diversity in our Tech Mafia Family.

TechMafia - the last rule is "Never forget the rules that described above". It is forbidden to discuss the rules of the site, and the administration's actions aimed at enforcing them.