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FamilyOrbit App - the first mobile monitoring app for your teens or tweens

FamilyOrbit App — the first mobile monitoring app for your teens or tweens

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The main idea behind the FamilyOrbit APP is «Locate Your Family, Monitor Your Kids, and Stay Connected in a Private Family Network»

Nowadays, the parents do not have the time and very busy and the children have a lot of daily activities. In order to make their life simpler and better had been created FamilyOrbit App which includes various features. You can find a lot of apps in the PlayStore Market or App Store, but each of them will include one or maximum two features. FamilyOrbit App is a huge package of features which definitely will improve connection between parents and children in any situation.

Family Locator

With a locator feature you can select a family member, and see where they are located at any time. From today all parents can know where their child is at, especially if the child is not responding to text messages or answering phone calls. Sometimes, this feature is a must have.
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Location History

By using this feature parents can see a log of the locations where their child has been, according to the location of their mobile device. This is an excellent way to ensure that teens and tweens are telling the truth about where they have been.
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Family Places

Parents also allowed to create virtual geo fences from 150 meters to 2000 meters, around specific locations, such as the family home in order to get automatical notifications about their family members activity. For example, if someone arrives or leaves the specified area, parents automatically receive a notification. With this feature enabled, you can n kids arrive home from school, or when they head out somewhere.
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Family Chat

FamilyOrbit App also includes a chat, you do not need any external app in order to connect with your children. Parents can use it to send reminders or important messages to their kids. Kids can also use it to send messages to their parents. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone in your family in touch and up to date throughout the day.
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Panic & Pick Ups
For any mergency situations you have a special feature called Panic Alert. With just the tap of a button, anyone can send a Panic alert to all family members. Those family members will then receive an instant push notification and an email, and premium members will receive an SMS with the location of the person sending the alert.

Pick Ups feature — allows children to see a list of all family members and their current distance from the child’s current location with just the tap of a button. Children can then request a pick up from a family member, and the notification will be sent to the family member that includes the child’s location. It makes pick-ups quick and simple for both kids and parents.
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Over Speed Alerts

Parents can set the speed limit control alert to ensure that teens are driving safely. Simply select the family member to set the over-speed alert for. As the teen is driving, an alert will be sent to parents if and when they exceed the speed limit that the parent has set. This feature helps parents to keep their kids safe behind the wheel, and to enforce safe driving habits.
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Monitor Photos

Take control over the content on your child’s phone with photo monitoring. Parents can see what images are being saved and stored on their kid’s phones. It’s a great way to keep unwanted content off of the child’s device and monitor the photos that they may be sending or receiving.
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Monitor Address Book
See who is being added to the address book in family member’s phones. This is helpful for parents, allowing them to know when new contacts are added to their child’s device.
Mobile Apps: familyorbit app ftr_family_sync

Device Information

Get the most current information about a family member’s device, including how much battery power their device has left, whether they have Wi-Fi, and more. Parents can make sure that kids have power and service on their cell phones so that they can keep in touch.
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You can download FamilyOrbit iOS App or FamilyOrbit Android App

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