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TrakCar – Drivers’ Peace of Mind

TrakCar – Drivers’ Peace of Mind
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As you’ve probably lost count of the times you’ve asked yourself “where have I parked my car?”, TrakCar has been unleashed to the iOS market to record your parking location with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
Developed by GeniusApp Technologies and completely compatible with the Apple Watch, TrakCaris the only app on the market that records the location of your car automatically, removing the need for expensive accessories or fiddling around. Utilising state-of-the-art, patent pending artificial intelligent technology, the intuitive TrakCar just needs to be turned on and will seamlessly work its magic without any effort needed.
TrakCaris truly automatic. Simply select the app, let it work in the background and, when the time comes, you can check your iPhone and TrakCar will let you know exactly where you have parked, meaning no embarrassing searches for your vehicle ever again! And, what’s more, TrakCar lets you see new parking events for free and offers an in-app upgrade to see past events.
Privacy is of the utmost importance to TrakCar’s developers, that’s why, after storing your parking location, the app will never send data to anyone. Simple, effective fully automatic, TrakCar’s is now fully integrated with the Apple Watch to ensure complete flexibility and peace of mind.
Excited about his creation, GeniusApp Technologies’ chief scientist said: “No other App can do it! We basically have no competition! All other «find your car» apps require you to press a button when you park. TrakCar does it all by itself!”
TrakCar is available to download for free from the Apple iTunes Storeand is compatible with devices running iOS 7.1 or later.
For more information email visit www.trakcar.ioor Facebook — www.facebook.com/TrakCar.io, Twitter — www.twitter.com/TrakCarApp

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