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Upcoming 10 Fashion Apps in 2015

Upcoming 10 Fashion Apps in 2015

Mobile Apps: upcoming 10 fashion apps in 2015
Fashion does not have to be complicated. Not everyone is a fashionista, and they could use a little help with outfit ideas and finding a style that they like. Fashion apps can help to take the complicated out of the process. There are a lot of apps out there, so it can be helpful to know about your choices so you can find one that can help with exactly what you need help with.

These are some of the upcoming fashion apps in 2015:

• Stylebook
Mobile Apps: Stylebook
Have you ever seen “Clueless” and wish that you had a computer program that had an inventory of your wardrobe to help you create your outfits without tearing apart your closet? This app can also keep track of the last time you wore that outfit, help you plan outfits for upcoming events and can help you plan ahead items that you will want to pack when you are going out of town. A user will need to upload pictures of their clothing and accessories to use this app.

• Hangr

Hangr is a relatively new app that has a lot of features to it. You get tons of outfit options for any piece of clothing that you see in stores. You can also post pictures of outfits to get other opinions, giving you the feeling of shopping with friends giving you great advice, letting you know if you look good in an outfit. As if all of this was not enough, you also have access to mobile rewards to help you get the best deal on all of the shopping trips. Since it’s pretty new, click here and check them out!

• Pose
Mobile Apps: Pose
If you are someone who does not have a clue what to wear during certain occasions or for certain weather, Pose is for you. You can browse through pictures that are from your location to help you get ideas of combining fashion with function. Looking for winter weather wedding guest outfits? You can search for that too.

• The Hunt
Mobile Apps: The Hunt
You may have come across a picture of an outfit on Instagram or elsewhere online and wondered where they got that outfit. If this sounds like you, this is a great app for you. On this app, you can post what is called a “hunt” for any aspect of the outfit, including clothing, accessories, and shoes. Other app users can help by pointing you in the right direction t by linking shopping links to the outfit pieces or by pointing out equally chic alternatives.

• Stylect
Mobile Apps: Stylect
This app works to help you find the footwear that you are looking for or even find footwear that you may not have known you wanted. There are over 50,000 styles of shoes. There is a variety of brands, from affordable brands like Adidas to higher end brands like Christian Louboutin. You have filter options like shoe style, price, and color. You are also able to purchase the shoes directly from the website.

• Mallzee
Mobile Apps: Mallzee
This app allows you to use it to look through a variety of pieces from over 40 popular fashion brands. You can find your favorite pieces and outfits from different search feeds like “Looking good for men” or “work”. This app can also send you a notification if an item on your wish list has gone down in price.

• Keep Shopping
Mobile Apps: Keep Shopping
This app offered the first mobile universal shopping cart. This means that you can purchase items form any brand or store in one convenient checkout location. Users can browse through either Keep’s curated products or the entire internet and let you put items in one online cart.

• Stylekick
Mobile Apps: Stylekick
Stylekick allows its users to purchase items directly from photos on their inspiration feed. It can also recommend items based on your individual style and interests. Users of this app are part of a community, where you can chat with style bloggers and fashion lovers like yourself to get advice on styles.

• FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
Mobile Apps: FAD
Having an appreciation for fashion and understanding the terminology can be two different things sometimes. This application gives you a dictionary for all of the fashion terms that you may want to know. You can also find biographies of your favorite designers and much more.

• Polyvore
Mobile Apps: Polyvore
Polyvore is the answer to “I have nothing to wear”. It has access to collages that you can shop directly from. You can also use its shopping section to filter through items by a price, brand, color and more.

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