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Xplor App - the best way to stay connected with your children anytime and anywhere in real time

Xplor App — the best way to stay connected with your children anytime and anywhere in real time

MyXplor (myxplor.com) or simply Xplor App changing the way you connect to your children at childcare. You can log in online almost from any device you want, Mac, PC, tablet, iphone, or android phone to get a real-time view of your childcare service. MyXplor includes CCMS (Childcare Management software) that is simple, smart and fast to use. MyXplor is a magic tool to engage educators, children and parents in live mode, on any device.
Mobile Apps: myxplor app techmafia.net
The message from the MyXplor Team:
We believe that children have the power to transform the world. They can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas. We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and children to re-invent what it means to teach and learn.
Xplor is not only a simple and easy to use app, it is also a great communication platform for PARENTS which allows you to know about your child's learning process and progress by collecting and organizing photos, videos, reports and other material in a very comfortable way by keeping all the data in the cloud. And for EDUCATORS the Xplor service allows to keep track on class rosters and individual information on each child. Mobile Apps: xplor app_xplor android app_xplor ios app_techmafia.net
Let's look through the Xplor platform and app more detailed.
What is Xplor for parents?
The only application that allows parents to connect with their children live throughout the day.
Photos and Videos — watch your children live during the day, even if you are far away and busy. Receive learning moments, voice files or text to personalize your photos and videos. Message — Real-time conversations with educators. Instant messaging allows you to be in touch with the people who responsible for your children. Voice and Video Calls — if you travel or work a lot abroad you can call across the world for free, by using HD calls, Video calls in order to have face-to-face conversations with educators. It is free if you use WiFi. Pay your bills securely and simply — if you need to pay your childcare invoice? It’s free to send and receive money right from your conversation. Just add your debit card to get started. Share the learning — share the great moments of your child's life with your family and best friends. Automatically Sign in and Out — automatically sign your children in and out each time you drop off and pick them up. No more time wasting, no more clumsy registers.
What is Xplor for educators?
Photos and Videos — send learning moments, voice files, text, photos and videos to the parents instantly. Message — real-time conversations with the parents Voice and Video Calls — HD calls and Video Calla across the world for free. Automated Rostering and Timesheets — No more admin. Automated time sheets and rostering, it’s easy to manage your shifts. Your payroll information is automatically updated into the general ledger. Monitor — know exactly how many children are in each room. No report writing, which means less time, fewer errors and happier staff. Medical and Health Records — includes dashboard of a child’s health and medical data. Each child has an emergency card with important health information. Mobile Apps: xplor app for educators
What is Xplor for Service Providers?
Xplor integrates with hundreds of accounting applications, including Xero, MYOB and Quicken so that you can easily sync and streamline your data. From inventory management, invoicing, time tracking, payments, and payroll Xplor is Australia’s first complete specialized childcare software that’s right for your business.
Instant Payment — Bank-level security. The parents just click the payment link on your invoices and make direct payment using their credit card or PayPal. Save time — work smarter and faster with automated attendance records and rostering with the CCMS (Childcare Management Software) Get real-time stock control - track automatically the quantities and value of your inventory on hand, giving you better control of what you buy and sell. Easy Invoicing — work smarter with online invoicing software: create professional recurring invoices, schedule bill payments to manage cashflow and invoice groups of customers – with one click. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically. Comprehensive Reports — see when customers, open your invoices. The platform includes 50 basic and advanced financial reports: profit and loss, balance sheet, management reports, depreciation schedule, attendance records and medical records. All are prepared with a single click or completely configurable. Payroll Processing — automatically track time and attendance, minimize compliance risks and increase employee productivity. Employee hours seamlessly appear on your payroll for automated calculation and reporting. Mobile Apps: xplor for service providers

You can use the Xplor Platform in your web browser (http://www.myxplor.com/) or in your smartphone and tablet by using Xplor iOS App (Download from AppStore) or Xplor Android App (Download from Google Play Store). 
For more information, check out the video below and visit the Xplor website:

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