How You Can Get Anything You Want with a few Keystrokes

Right now you are probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. After all, how would such a thing even be possible –except for in the dream world of course… and we don’t live there, we live here in the real world.

You are probably even thinking that this juicy title was just created to entice your imaginings and longings, and normally –my most rational self- would totally agree with you, if it weren’t for two facts and trends.

Trend 1: The On Demand Economy

Mobile Apps: Get local services on demand via Bizzbook
You may be familiar with the on demand economy, popularized by the likes of Uber, AirBnB, however this is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg.

One third of all new tech startups launching in the US are On Demand Companies! You can now summon someone to do just about anything for you, from laundry services, to parking your car to even bringing you a gallon of gas, in the middle of nowhere, if so you choose.

Trend 2: Artificial Intelligence

The robots NOT are coming…. actually, they are already here! AI via Deep Linking Neural networks is working on helping machines learn in precisely the same way you do!

Today’s Artificial intelligence is all about neural networks and learning via trial and error and the machines are getting so good at it that they can actually: understand language, see and describe images, automatically translate spoken language in real time with the same voice as the speaker, predict whether someone will get cancer, and so on.

To put it in laymen’s terms, pretty soon, your smartphone will understand what you are saying and be able to do something about it!

Trend 3: On Demand In a Text or 3?

Right now you can pull your phone out and get any number of on demand apps that promise you just about anything you could ever wanted in a few minutes or hours (depending on where you live).

The only problem is that the majority of these apps are very niche, like the Massage On-Demand App or Dr. On Demand, and no one really wants to download 20 or 30 Apps for every little thing. As a result, a few texting apps have emerged as a go to marketplace for everything local.

How To Get Just About Anything You Wanted… Almost Right Now

Mobile Apps: BizzBook On Demand Services
BizzBook promises to do just that by connecting you with local nearby businesses with a quick text. You simply tell BizzBook what you need and they will blast it to nearby business and let them compete for your gig.

Businesses receive your request, and quickly respond with availability, prices, specials, quotes and more. From this point on, it’s just like any other chat and you can book anytime just by texting.

Ultimately, you can get just about anything –legal- with a simple text. If there are local businesses that can do the task, BizzBook will contact them for you and get the process started.

The Near Future: On Demand Economy meets AI

If this isn’t already impressive, note that this is just the begging! Pretty soon you will be able to pull out your smart phone, tell it what you need, and before you know it there will some there to do the deed!

AiDO is working on prissily this problem. They are Integrating AI with the On Demand economy and using natural language processing to be able to act as your personal local concierge. Almost, like a ‘Siri for Local Services’.

Currently, AiDO is in Beta and recently released an MVP to get the ball rolling and what does this MVP do? You guessed it, it texts local businesses.


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About the Author:
[Stefan Kojouharov: I am Co-Founder & CEO @AiDO and we recently launched our first product, BizzBook, which is in public beta.]

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