Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks

We sometimes underestimate the power of task management apps. They are an essential tool on mobile devices, but the markets are cluttered with hundreds of them so it’s hard to find a functional, yet beautifully designed app. But not impossible! Our buddy MarkO has great features and modern material design user friendly interface!

MarkO has a different approach to task management. He focuses on the location where you can complete the task, instead of the time, because very often plans and schedules change and you are not able to complete the task at that moment.

Mobile Apps: Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks

MarkO is very simple to use. He has a main screen which shows your unfinished tasks, a pull menu from where you can navigate back to “My tasks”, or go to ”The gang” where you can find your contacts – the ones that are on MarkO, and the rest which you can invite by SMS, email or share on social media and more, and “Options” where you set the frequency of the reminders and proximity to the location. And of course, the log out “Bye bye” button in the bottom.

Adding a new task is simple – just click the action button in the action bar on the top. A new window opens where you specify your task, and pin in it to a certain location. You can choose a category, like grocery, or pharmacy, and be notified when you’re close by any grocery/pharmacy; an existing one, already set on Google maps, like Fairway Market 74th Street, NYC, or a custom pin-point location of your own which you select by long pressing the specific spot on the map in the create task screen.

Mobile Apps: Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks

Another great feature MarkO has, besides the custom location, is the share option. MarkO syncs your phone contacts, and finds which ones are already on MarkO, so you can send tasks to them. Meaning, you don’t have to do all by yourself. You can send a task to a friend or family member to complete, or even a colleague let’s say, if you’re working on the same project. You can share a task while you create it, or latter from the main screen, from the task card menu. Once a task is shared, one of the recipients can reserve the task by clicking the thumbs up button from the task card menu as well.

When you approach the destined location, MarkO send you a friendly reminder – “Hey buddy, buy coffee!” In the notification, you can check it off as complete, of choose the “Show it on map” option and see how close you are to the location.

Once your task is complete, there are a few ways to clear it. You can click the “Complete” option in the reminder you receive which we already mentioned, click the check-symbol from the task card menu, or simply swipe the card to the right.
No menu would be complete without the ability to open your profile. You can do it from the pull menu by clicking on the logo above your name. There you can change your name, your phone number — which gets automatically synced when you create a user, and your password.

Mobile Apps: Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks
Another important feature — MarkO automatically syncs new content within the cloud. So if you use in multiple devices, eg, your smart phone and smart watch, your tasks will be synced for both.
To sum it up, we think MarkO is an excellent task assistant, which helps boost your productivity and improve your efficiency. He’s also battery friendly, which means you can still go out and complete your errands without worrying you might run out battery in the middle of a busy day.

Mobile Apps: Meet MarkO - Your New Smart Task Buddy That Rocks
At the moment, MarkO is available for Android and Android Wear, with an iOS version soon to follow!
MarkO turns out to be very useful, and we warmly recommend it to anyone who has a busy dynamic schedule, cause he will be there to make sure you finish all your tasks in the right place, at the right time. Ease your day, every day!

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