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5 Tips on Building a Social Media Strategy for Branding Purposes

5 Tips on Building a Social Media Strategy for Branding Purposes

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the name Budweiser? Does that name have anything to do with beer? Of course not! This is what you want to happen with your branding on social media. When your social media connections hear or see your name and posts, what’s the first thing you want them to think of? Once you have that, you have your brand! This is why having a social media strategy for branding purposes is so important.

Whether you own a business, a blog, or a budding social life, success on the web depends heavily on your social media skills. So many people interact online for a large portion of their day; it is crucial one takes advantage of this avenue of communication if they want to succeed. The most important component to successful social media campaigns is branding.

When you or your business becomes a brand, you will gain an emotional and psychological connection between you (or your product) and your customers, friends, or followers. And when that happens, your venture will see exponential growth. Here are five ways you can use social media to brand yourself and get the ball rolling.

1. Decide Which Social Networks You Will Use

There are literally hundreds of social media networks. There’s no way to use them all, especially if you’re a small entity! The best course of action is to focus your energies and choose 3 or 4 that fit your needs.

Who Is Your Audience?
Different networks have different audiences. For instance, Facebook is an older crowd while Instagram leans toward the younger millennials. Of course, LinkedIn is more business-oriented, while newsfeed sites like Voat and Reddit are more casual and social. Do some research to find what fits your product or service.

Your Abilities Matter!
As you learn about the social media websites, you’ll see that each requires different talents to be successful. Can you take amazing pictures? Instagram will work best. Are you all about humor? Focus on posting to sites where you can write out your jokes to gain traction.

2. Build Your Identity!

Who the heck are you? People want to know! Your profiles could play big in determining your success.

Profile Building Matters!
If you spark interest with your content, people will check you out. It’s important that your profiles bring your brand into focus for your visitors! You want the readers to say, “Ah, so THAT’S what this is!”

Know the Proper Image Sizes
Nothing speaks more negatively than when you look like an amateur. Be sure your images are the right size and look amazing when they are posted. For instance, the Facebook cover page is exactly 851 pixels by 315 pixels. Any bigger, and your photo is cut off--and this will make your client turned off.

3. Create Your Content

Now the fun stuff! Whatever material you’re sharing, be sure it has the following pieces.

Images Are Eye Candy
Have you noticed how pictures have become the norm? Nobody is succeeding with only text--unless you’re Stephen King. Be sure you add compelling photos to every post.

Write With Personality
The number one rule is: Do Not Be Shy! Your personal opinion matters to your friends and customers. Remember: Opinion equals Personality! And folks love personality. Be yourself and add your voice and thoughts to your posts

4. Analyze Audience Response

What Posts Are Rocking Their World? What Content Is Crashing and Burning?

Here is where you need to put on your analytical hat and pay attention to the numbers. The two biggest factors to focus on are Likes and Shares. If you are getting a lot of Likes for your content, great! This means your circle is paying attention. What is better than likes? Shares! When others start to share your material, you not only have your group’s eyeballs seeing your stuff, but you have brand new eyeballs checking you out. What does that mean? New followers!

5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat--Consistently!

Schedule Your Social Media Time!

Once you begin your campaign to brand yourself or your product, you need to create a steady flow of engaging material. It's best to have a set time for each day you plan on creating and posting material. Once you have this on your schedule, treat it as if it's a job! In other words, don't skip it, don't flake, and don't «call in sick.» Focus and deliver!

Be patient, continue to create anywhere from one to ten times per week, and spread your posts over your top 4 social networks. If you’re engaging and consistent, you will start to see Likes, followed by Shares, followed by Growth. All of this equals branding success!

Using these 5 tips on building a social media strategy for branding purposes will work wonders for your company, product, or social life.

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