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The Most Effective Reasons Why You May Need Animation Video in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

The Most Effective Reasons Why You May Need Animation Video in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

With today’s technological innovation, animation video has grown to be more open to many companies regardless of their budget available. The technology’s advancement has allowed businesses to create quality videos without the need of a massive studio or usage of broadcast channels.

Should you still need more convincing that explains why you need animation video in your own online marketing strategy, here are the top reasons to assist you to decide:

First — animated video can enhance your conversion rate
In a recent study by Unbounce, animated video can increase a business’ conversion rate as many as 20%. That’s exactly why many organisations prefer this kind of online marketing strategy to increase their revenue or to get more prospects. Moreover, 64%- 85% of the people who visited your website are more likely to avail your product right after watching a video. Creating a video in your website’s landing page will save the potential clients a few minutes from studying your website. Statistics demonstrate that in an average, consumers will stay for about 2 minutes. Which means that in a not much time and by using a effective mix of images, text, and movement, you have a chance to grab your audience’s interest.

Second — animated video can boost SEO
Since Google is the owner of YouTube, embedding videos on your website offers you a 53x greater probabilities of landing on Google’s front-page search result. Including keyword tags in the YouTube video could also help improve your SEO.

Third — video sharing helps with click through rates
Are you aware that viral video marketing campaigns can boost click through rates by 750%? Based on a research, 68% of men and women watching online videos could eventually share the video links to their friends.

Fourth — animation video helps you save effort and time in advertising
Aside from boosting your click through rates, this means less work for you since other individuals will do the sharing and advertisement for the business. In addition, you can also use the video offline with the help of it in your presentations. During meetings, you can present your videos and it can help you explain and promote your products and services much better.

In one of University of Minnesota’s study, they have discovered that 43% of the audience will be persuaded by the speaker if they see visual representations of what’s being talked about. This is especially if you're discussing numbers or topics that tend to be lead into dull discussions. You possibly can make your demonstration more engaging by having visuals.

Fifth- animation video decreases bounce rate
Your internet site will less likely to receive bounce rates by having an intriguing animation video. Keep in mind that your audience leaves your website after as little as 6 seconds whenever they find your site dull and boring. Aside from the fun aspect that a video will bring, it also presents the professionalism and trust of the business. This encourages individuals to give their time to do business with you.

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