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Why Use a Backup Solution?

Why Use a Backup Solution?

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A data backup is simply a transfer of information from one place to another. Backing up is a very simple process but it is vital to disk health in the long run. It is also essential to verify that all of your data has been copied and transferred correctly — without the loss of even a single file. The reason for this is that may be months or even years before you go looking for the file in some cases. In this respect, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a backup solution.

This is why you need Immortal Files as your essential backup solution for small business, larger business or for your important personal data, home movies, valuable family photographs and so on.

If during the data backup process, even a single file cannot be copied, Immortal Files will not skip it; it will bring it to your attention and provide information as to why it cannot be copied. Errors can be caused by insufficient storage in your backup location, a bad internet connection and other reasons.

The first and most important point is to properly transfer your files and to then verify that your data has been transferred correctly.

It is easy to find a backup solution, with both internal and online backup programs easily available. Most of these offer a good deal and cheap, unlimited data, and all will claim to be the best Mac backup software or the best solution for your PC backup. The problem with these solutions is often that they usually charge a lot more money to restore your data than they do to back it up. An example of this is Amazon Glacier, cheap to backup but not to restore.

Users will tell you that it doesn’t matter if you only ever restore when the data is needed, it is a very flawed system for a number of reasons. Chiefly, you cannot easily make certain that your data has transferred to the remote server in full, this is particularly problematic when large amounts of information is being transferred. The only was to verify that all of your files were transferred correctly is to download all data from the remote server and verify the checksums.

Immortal Files does away with the need for this time-consuming hurdle. To check the status of a file, Immortal Files comes equipped with an Inspector that allows you to quickly and easily check that there are no errors in your backup. If for any reason a file becomes broken or corrupt, Immortal Files will display the fault and the file name.

This should be done periodically and is hugely beneficial when dealing with large amounts of data on a remote server, with Immortal Files identifying the broken files for you.
If possible, it is better to use your own remote backup solution. In the last ten to fifteen years there were a large number of companies offering cheap backup solutions with large data allowances; many of these companies no longer exist. One of the most significant risks in cloud computing is that of your provider going out of business.

On a personal level, imagine a precious family photo disappearing in this way. Please don’t just think of a backup solution as being a work thing only, backup solutions for home users are equally important in many ways.

There are a few options you can use to create your own Backup Solution for small business or home:
1. Backup your home computer to your work computer.
2. Backup data to a portable drive and store it in some other location.
3. Backup up to your own server if you have one.

Visit their website in order to learn more: www.immortalfiles.com

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