Impossible Road - Arrow Skills - Addictive Android Snake Game

Impossible Road — Arrow Skills — Addictive Android Snake Game

Everyone knows the amazing old school snake game: one of the most addicting and the funniest games ever created. Here at Asktolik we decided to develop a new challenging version of this real legendary game, improving the graphic and the game play, to give to our users one of the most exciting and entertaining game play experiences ever!

Enjoy and have fun, as you play with one of the newest games on the market, Impossible Road — Arrow Skills. It’s a simple one touch Addictive game where you have to navigate your character through a maze, collecting colorful squares, which will make your snake tail grow longer just like the old version of the snake games. Collect diamonds and try to make the best score; will you be the champion? Play with new characters and backgrounds! Currently, the highest score record is 18 (we so meek haha). Can you break this? What is your score? Please
note it in your review!!!
Game Development: Impossible Road Game - Arrow Skills Game - Addictive Android Snake Game

Impossible Road — Arrow Skills brings us back to our childhood years, when we were playing with the snake 97 retro phone classic game and try to eat all the apples using our Nokia phone. Now, thanks to our innovative technology, we can experience this new amazing adventure: download Impossible Road Test now for FREE!!!

The Task in the game is grow the tail of the worm and make the best score you can don't mill it! Make it! You can also share with us your score and show us how good are you, if you in the middle of the way home in the train or bus, it's a great way to spend your time it's very simple one touch game so everybody can play kids and adults.

This game is like starting to ride a bike at the beginning: seems to be totally impossible, but after few tries it starts be easier and really funny!
Key Features:
  • Amazing HD Graphic
  • Retro Snake and Arrow Game inspired
  • Great Game Play
  • Different levels and difficulties
  • Funny and Addicting game
  • Innovative software
  • Hypnotic Soundtrack

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