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My first published iOS application for fitness

Hey there! Let me tell you about my startup and myself.

My name is Stan, I’m iOS Developer from Ukraine. I worked about 1.5 year in BriskMobile and more than 1 year in ScopicSoftware. During these years I accumulated a lot of ideas for my own
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My first experience in iOS development and publishing to App Store

Hey there! I'm here to share with you my first iOS app development experience and publishing application on App Store. Our application called «Timetable — Weekly schedule planner for Universities, Schools and Colleges».

Our development team
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How we implemented audio streaming in Evermusic

Mobile Development: How we implemented audio streaming in Evermusic

About a week ago, we published update for our app called Evermusic — audio player that streams you music directly from cloud and help you free up valuable space on device for photos, videos and apps. In this update we added new cloud

Painted Puzzle - my first iOS game development experience with marketing and advertisement ideas

Hi all, I’d like to share with you my first experience in the game application creation, different ways of its marketing, cashing in on-the-flight and what we’ve finally got.

Several months ago, my manager said that additionally to my basic
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Get Everything with EverythingMe App

Mobile Development: EverythingMe-app-techmafia.net

Getting to Know More About EverythingMe

EverythingMe is the launcher for all Android phones and it delivers almost everything you need anytime.

This launcher can anticipate people, information, and apps you wish to provide a perfect phone
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Exploring HopOn App - Pay For Your Bus Trip With Your Phone

With GetTaxi App u can pay for a taxi, With HopOn App u can pay for a BUS!!!

Riding on a public transport vehicle can give several disadvantages such as time consumption, hassle, stress, and other negative scenes that may ruin your beautiful day.