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Making a reliable VPN app for Android

People use VPN a lot to protect their personal data and to avoid snooping and data leaking. So if you want to provide them a really good VPN service, you need to make it reliable and trustworthy.

We are the developers of Hideninja — free Android app which provides VPN to our users — and we would like to share our experience of making good and popular VPN app.

Hideninja is quite young service — it exists a bit more than a year, but we already have 1 500 000 installs and this number is growing up really fast. How so?

First of all, if you are creating a service which suppose to guard people’s privacy, do not violate their privacy! We don’t collect any of user’s data, don’t log their activity unlike a lot of similar services.

Also to keep all traffic safe we use modern and reliable encryption methods such as Blowfish. It provides a good encryption rate in software and no effective cryptanalysis of it has been found to date. We chose OpenVPN as a protocol because it’s an industry standard.

Besides, we always have reserved servers to keep Hideninja working all the time. Thank to that it’s gotten the reputation of a stable service.

Of course, we constantly make improvements, optimize our servers and add new ones to give a choice to our users.

As a result you can have a handy app with some really helpful functions such as:

  • All traffic encryption
  • Unlimited time, speed and bandwidth of traffic
  • Access to media content, video, social networks and messaging apps all around the world.
  • Access to YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix and other locally blocked sites via your favorite browser
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Security
  • Access to VoIP apps like Skype and Viber
  • Private data leaking and hacker attacks prevention
  • Masking your IP address to browse the web privately & anonymously
  • Bypass firewalls while travelling or being at work or school
  • Connection to the VPN servers in different countries
  • Identity protection

We also want Hideninja to be easy-to-use so design is simple but thought-out.

Mobile Development: Making a reliable VPN app for Android

If you want to check the app, you may download it on Google Play
or from Opera Mobile Store.

Wa always happy to hear some feedback, so free to contact us.

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