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Real-time Ridesharing and Taxi Industry

Real-time Ridesharing and Taxi Industry

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Real-time ridesharing, a form of commercial taxi-like service becomes popular from day to day. You can name it as you want instant ridesharing, real time ride sharing, dynamic ridesharing, on-demand ridesharing, and even carpooling, but the meaning always be the same, it is a service that arranges shared rides on very short and quick notice. Most of the apps in this industry are social (community) which beased on GPS and your Smartphone.

Ridesharing opened new stile of transportation such as: new way of how to get a taxi, new way of how to find someone and ride to work by connecting you to the community of drivers.

How does it work?

Just ask for a ride or taxi ride to share it with you or to pay for this service. Generally, an app notifies you when a ride is found with all information about who drives (carpool driver's profile) in your direction. All you have to do is show up on time, ready to go!

In this infographic from rideshareapps.com we can notice that his industry is fast growing: Millions of users, Billions in VC funding, $51 billon valuations. After seeing the explosive growth of rideshare companies over the past few years, it is definitely safe to say that a new industry is exploding, and it is hitting the world full-force.

It goes without saying that taxi use is rapidly declining. For example, in large cities like Boston and New York City, rideshare use is causing taxi medallions to decline in price. Cab drivers are hurling lawsuit after lawsuit at Uber, and other rideshare companies. But the main players in the industry refuse to be shaken, and keep tightening their grip on the transportation industry.

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Infographics: Rideshare infographic from rideshareapps.comCourtesy of: Rideshareapps.com — Rideshare resources, news, and promotions

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